Documents for Students to Get Loan

Documents for Students to Get Loan

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August 5, 2022

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Khemarak Leakna

To assist students who don’t have enough money to continue their studies but are willing to pursue their dreams. has provided funds up to 1000 USD to facilitate students’ financial problems. So, students can use this loan for educational expenses such as tuition fees, semester fees, and re-registration courses; furthermore, they can use that money to afford computers or laptops, books, and other materials for studying.

Here are the following simple documents for students to get a loan:

  1. Required Documents for employed students 
  • Personal phone number
  • Identity card 
  • Family book 
  • Student card 
  • Staff card 
  • Salary documents from the bank (if not), we need your contract document
  1. Required Documents for unemployed students
  • Personal and parental phone numbers
  • Identity card 
  • Family book 
  • Student card 
  • Mom and Dad’s ID card 
  • Mom and Dad’s Salary Document 
  • A photo of the front of the stall or shop if they own business

Therefore, I have mentioned above all simple documents that can help students get a loan quickly.​ To get more information about loans please check out this link

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