3 Things Students Should Avoid

3 Things Students Should Avoid

3 Things Students Should Avoid in University

May 9, 2022



RUN Savuth

Here are 3 costs college students can avoid: 

         1.Not Knowing Where Their Money is Going

Why is knowing where money is going is significant ? The fact is that overspending is a problem that everyone faces at one time or another - especially college students since they spend their cash at the beginning of the month and then they have to take a part-time job in order to pay for some other expenses. It is the problem when they do not know where all their money is going and the first thing they should do is to control their finances by creating a spending plan. Having a spending plan will allow students to see where their money is going and how they can cut back their spending. Basically, when creating a spending plan, you should compare your income to your expenses. This means that your finances are balanced. A negative number means that you are spending too much, you need to adjust spending habits.

        2. Investing in wants rather than needs

Most young people fail to comprehend the difference between wants and needs. Consequently, they spend all their money on wants and do not have enough for their needs such as books, tuition fees and necessary travel. Overspending even when unnecessary is the most common mistake among students. For instance, they prefer purchasing up-to-date mobile phones or laptops even though they already have those things. 

        3.Lack of monthly budgeting 

In fact, most college students and high school students like to spend their money without thinking about saving. They keep spending as there is no tomorrow. 

As a result, the most serious financial issue is failing to stick to a monthly budget. Simple things to do include maintaining a small amount of cash in your wallet and using credit cards to save money. Don't keep all of your money in your wallet!


Students can reduce their costs and save money even more if they follow these steps.   


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