Student Enrollment Challenges and Solutions

Student Enrollment Challenges and Solutions

Student Enrollment Challenges and Solutions​ in University

May 9, 2022



RUN Savuth

What is student enrollment?

Student enrollment is the process of arranging to attend an institute or college. Because of Covid-19 pandemic student enrollment has so many challenges for both students and colleges. Additionally, student enrollment has decreased since there is a lack of specific information from the college or university students are interested in attending and some other challenges.  


Here are some following challenges of students enrollment:

  • One of Marketing Channel 

It means that universities often distribute brochures to students in order to let students get information about the university. This is a marketing channel that marketers use to build a connection between university and students. It is also an old school marketing use to promote their products and services to the students. After distribution to students, most of the brochures have been thrown away. 

  • Travel Restrictions Covid-19

During the pandemic traveling was on a temporary restriction so that most students decided to stay in their home and not enroll in an institute or college. They also did not continue their college after graduation from highschool as well. Furthermore, the lack of university information has made students not attend college including travel restrictions that did not allow them to reach out to the university they are interested in.

  • Offline Admission (The Only Option)

As we know, traditional offline admission is the only one option for students to enroll in college or university. Due to covid pandemics and travel restrictions students were ​difficult to enroll in university directly. 

  • Paper Based Admission

The traditional paper-based admissions are actually a whole set of various application documents that all students are required to submit when applying to a particular university. There are several cons of the traditional paper-based admissions such as: lower quality data, lack of storage space, security issues, prone to damage, document transportation, editing problems, high costs, and so on.     


Therefore, has been created to solve these problems since is a comprehensive portal and application where students can obtain well-informed college and university advice & decisions. provides connection and engagement to the student community for colleges and universities. We will also reduce unnecessary Q&A and increase student leads as well. Additionally, workloads will be reduced.  


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