The 7 Best Guidelines for Successful Exam Preparation

The 7 Best Guidelines for Successful Exam Preparation

Seven Tips to Study Before Examination

July 1, 2022

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Run Savuth

Being well-prepared before exams are the best way to overcome pressure and distress, and gives you the best chance of getting good grades. 

Here are the following seven quick tips for preparing for exams

1. Attend the review session

Make sure you attend the pre-test review session or review lesson session. This will help you remind yourself of the former lessons you have learned.

2. Give yourself enough time to study on your own

Set your study schedule that is suitable for your way of studying. Do not leave anything until the last minute. 

3. Find a good study spot

To focus well on your study, please be sure that your study spot is organized.

4. Make sure you understand the lessons well

If you don’t understand something, try to research for some more information that will help you understand it. Don’t be afraid to ask your lecturers or your friends for assistance.

5. Read and Review lessons

To remember well when in the examination hall, you must read and review what you have learned. Ensure that you recap the critical points of the reading so that you can review them without rereading the entire lesson.

6. Eat healthy food & drink plenty of water

You shouldn’t eat unhealthy food while you are studying. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated in your body. 

7. Get enough sleep

Assure that you get enough sleep for at least 8 hours to make your mood positive for a full-day exam.

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