Office Management

Office Management

Scope of work in office management

June 2, 2022



Run Savuth

Office Management

Office Management is an occupation involving the design, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of the process of workload management within a company or an organization. It includes creating a work environment focused on guiding employees and coordinating the activities of office personnel to achieve business goals. These activities are evaluated and adjusted in order to improve and maintain efficiency and productivity.

Besides that, Office Management is the art of planning, organizing, designing, controlling employees, and curating the activities to fulfill the mission, vision and goal of a company. 


Office Manager

The ones who manage the work above are called Office Managers. They are responsible for keeping an office running smoothly and overseeing administrative support. They are also responsible for inspiring employees to accomplish the company’s mission and goals. Additionally, they help the management in the area of selection, training, and remuneration of personnel; not only employ the personnel with proper means of work but also maintain proper balance among the elements of office management by keeping in mind the requirements of the company.

What are the tasks of an office manager?

An office manager is a person who is responsible for the administrative activities of a company or an organization. That person is sometimes called an administrative service manager or business office manager. Here are some workloads of office manager:

  • Balancing Office Budgets
  • Discussing Problems with Staff
  • Reporting to Directors
  • Organizing Staff Training
  • Supervising the Work Staff
  •  Ordering Stationery & Equipment 
  • Arranging Travel, Meetings & Appointments
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Planning Strategies

Lastly, office managers are the backbone of every company. They are instrumental in making sure everything in the office runs smoothly, which means ensuring office equipment is maintained, all records are up to date, whilst carrying out several administrative jobs. 


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