Bachelor in Agriculture

July 1, 2022

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Run Savuth

Agriculture is very significant to every society since it relies on what the land can produce. 

What is Agriculture study?

It is academic training in science that requires students to study numerous scientific, technical, and business subjects related to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, animal production, veterinary medicine, crop production, agriculture machinery, farm management, poultry farming, dairy farming, agricultural biotechnology, etc.

Is Agriculture hard to study?

Since agriculture is a very broad field that includes animals, plants, and nutrition; thus, there are a very small number of students who are interested in this subject. Many young ambitious people consequently believe that there is no future in agriculture because of little income, and hard labor. 

Studying agriculture would be tough for some students because they can’t learn theory and use it without practical experience. However, by studying this subject, students have more opportunities to develop their skills through internships abroad, exchange programs, and scholarships. 

Are there more jobs available for students who study agriculture? 

There are no​​ unemployed agricultural students because job markets for students who are armed with an agricultural degree are wide. 

Without agriculture, there will be no food and no future. Thus, the world depends on farmers cultivating crops used for food production.

How do you prepare before studying agriculture?

Since agriculture is a science subject, so you need to be good at science such as math, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, economics, business, and management. Generally, it requires students to be good at both natural science and social sciences. 

What are jobs after holding an agricultural degree?

There are plenty of jobs available for agricultural students such as:

  • Agricultural advisor
  • Farm manager
  • Animal geneticist
  • Soil and plant scientist
  • Food scientist
  • Agriculture lecturer
  • Agricultural economist

Here are several factors why you should consider choosing this major

  • Quite a lot of scholarships are available for agriculture students both in local and international
  • Job opportunities also do not matter (both state and non-government)
  • For those who like to travel a lot
  • For those who love nature

Additionally, to get to know which universities in Cambodia provide agricultural education please check this out There are a lot more than you think.


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