International Relations

International Relations

What is International relations?

October 10, 2021

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Leakna Khemarak

What is International relations?

There are many definitions of international relations, including state-to-state relations, state and international organizations, or between international organizations, and international organizations.

What does International relations focus on?

The study of "international relations" is the study and research that aims to introduce the relation between historical and current events, as well as other international mechanisms, and also introduce how people interact with other nations. From a legal perspective, IR is a study of state behavior based on numerous social mechanisms and practices with the goal of better understanding the unique interaction that exists between states, nations, and cultures.

What should be prepared for an International Relations major?
For 12th graders who want to study this major, you should study hard and focus on some subjects such as: Historical , Morals, Soft skills such as debating and public speaking.

After complete this programs for 4 years, graduates are able to grasp :

  •  Understanding fundamentals and theories of international relations in national law and international law.
  •  Understanding analytical fundamentals in National and International problems.
  •  Understanding international issues and how they are changing on a global scale.

What can I do after I finish this skill?

After learning this skill, you can work in many units such as៖

  •  As a professor
  •  Analyst on international issues
  •  A diplomat
  •  Government Social Research Officer
  •  As a diplomatic agent
  •  A political analyst
  •  A specialist in political science, etc.

Which universities offer this major?

  •  Universities that offer Information technology major are include:
  •  Paragon International University
  •  Royal University of Law and Economics
  •  Khemarak University
  •  BELTEI International University
  •  Build Bright University
  •  Asia Euro University
  •  The University of Cambodia - UC
  •  International University
  •  Cambodian Mekong University
  •  Pannasastra University of Cambodia
  •  Phnom Penh International University
  •  American University of Phnom Penh
  •  University of Economics and Finance
  •  University of Indrawichea
  •  National University of Management

And there are still many more universities that could not be mentioned.

Recommended Schools

• American University of Phnom Penh • Asia Euro University
• Cambodian Mekong University • Cambodian University for Specialties
• Khemarak University • Panha Chiet University
• Pannasastra University Cambodia • Paragon International University
• Phnom Penh International University (PPIU) • Royal University of Law and Economics
• Royal University of Phnom Penh • Royal University of Phnom Penh Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
• University of Economics and Finance • Western University
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