Panha Chiet University

Establish in 2009, Panha Chiet University resulted from a legal services organization called Khmer Legal Team Association, which was founded back in 2005. The university is now located in Tuol Kork district.

Three Things That Make PCU Stand Out:

  • Room Access: Students of Panha Chiet University have special access to accommodation.
  • International Curriculum: Panha Chief University has special International programs and courses.
  • Financially Challenged Students: Even students with difficulty paying due to their lack of money, can enroll and study at Panha Chiet University.




Panha Chiet University envisioned itself to be the Center of Excellence in Education to educate a diverse student body to become responsible global citizens and future leaders through a challenging learning environment informed by cutting-edge scholarship. Our institution is paving its way to bring massive impact in addressing global issues through education.




  1. Provide access to higher educational opportunities that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provides leadership and service to their communities.
  2. Create a trilogy of function of education in the field of instruction, research and extension.
  3. Establish human resources in accordance to the rectangular policy Step II of the Government.
  4. Equip classrooms with high technology materials to make it more conducive for long learning.
  5. Provide an elite study program responding to national and international demands.
  6. Offer a study opportunity to poor people from rural areas.
    Mostly, women with difficulties to pursue their studies.
  7. Promote Cambodian educational standard and quality compliance with the requirement of ACC (Accreditation Committee of Cambodia).
  8. Implement and modernize international standard programs using English as a basic language in teaching and researching in order to fulfill an employment demands.
  9. Provide general education services which engage students with a higher level of education.
  10. Create linkages to be able to assist graduates to find a job after graduation.
  11. To hire competitive teachers with good scholastic background and develop them to become more competent through faculty development programs.



School Facilities


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