American University of Phnom Penh

Three Things That Make AUPP Stand Out:

  • Dual Degree International Recognition: The partnership with University of Arizona (UA) and Fort Hays State University (FHSU) allows students in Cambodia to earn a U.S. accredited dual degree without having to travel to the U.S. and at a much lower/affordable cost.
  • International PhD Holders as Staff: AUPP has employed around 90% of staff who holds a PhD degree from places around the world, including ones from America. All of the professors are equipped with years of experience in teaching.
  • Provision of Internships: AUPP provides students with opportunities to test their skills practically by offering internship opportunities, both in the country and abroad.


American University of Phnom Penh will be a leading academic center of excellence in Cambodia, and Asia.


American University of Phnom Penh is a private, English language higher education institution in Cambodia. It offers high quality, American-style education, grounded in the culture of Cambodia and Asia, fostering socially responsible behavior, lifelong learning, and academic and professional excellence to produce critical thinkers, innovators, and ethical leaders who will make significant contributions to the world.

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