Human Resource University

Three Things That Make HRU Stand Out:

  • Standard Curricular: Academic and professional programs at HRU are standardized, which are refined and upgraded regularly by academic council and curriculum development committee to meet the requirements of labor market and trend in industrialization and digitalization.

  • Highly Qualified Lecturers: HRU employs lecturers from various professional backgrounds who are qualified, having many years of experience in teaching, as well as from their professions.

  • Standard Facilities and Infrastructure: Human Resource University has established its own building in the center of Phnom Penh Capital City. The building of the university has 12 floors, offices and classrooms equipped with modern facilities, a large library, a canteen and different kinds of rooms, which can accommodate approximately 20,000 learners.


Human Resource University is a leading Cambodian higher education institution on national and international recognition of high quality education, training and research.


Human resources universities are committed to quality education, training and research to meet the needs of the labor market and employment and to contribute to the development of social, economic and social.

School Facilities


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