BELTEI International University


BELTEI International University will become the most well-known university in Cambodia with high quality of education in alignment with national program and international program standards, which is recognized worldwide and in accordance with the BELTEI's slogan: BELTEI International University The Future of Global Leaders.


  • Offers students the knowledge, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, communication skills, numeracy skills, information technology skills and English as well as professional life skills and self-esteem.

  • Builds the spirit to love nation and motherland, preserve its culture and national identity, obey the state laws and the BELTEI's regulations as well as possess justice, morality, and virtue like a bamboo shoot growing up to bamboo for the future of the country.

  • Offers the higher education services ranging from Bridging course, Bachelor's degree to Doctor's degree. Also provides bachelor's degree program in national program (bilingual language = Khmer and English) alignment with the existing international program (English 100%). The curriculums are thoroughly designed to match the program of study, course subjects, and study hours with partner universities abroad, making it easier for students who wish to study oversea.

  • Builds the spirit of students to have leadership skills, dare to decide, dare to say, dare to do and dare to respond for their own behaviors.

  • Invites special guest speakers who are professionals to conduct presentation on various topics related to each sector in order to offer the students are well as lecturers more important experiences and new ideas to supplementary and enhance the knowledge that they have learnt from the university

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