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Industrial Technical Institute

Industrial Technical Institute was built in 1928. The location was a former French silkworm farm, but in 1938 the area was given to the institute which had continuously changed its name until the present.

Industrial Technical Institute has many departments as structured below:

  • Administration and Staff Office
  • Education Office
  • Finance and Planning Office
  • Service and Production Office
  • Department of Information
  • Department of Equipment
  • Department of Machine Mechanic
  • Department of Metal Engineering




Become a school of technical and vocational training that is supported and enrolled by high school, upper secondary and upper secondary education.




The Industrial Technical Institute is tasked with training:

  • Short-term certificate certificates under 1 year
  • Technical and vocational degree 1 2 3
  • Technical High School Diploma
  • Degree of Bachelor degree



School Facilities


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