4 Mistakes in Selecting Major Students Must Avoid

4 Mistakes in Selecting Major Students Must Avoid

4 Mistakes in Picking a Major

August 31, 2022

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Savuth Run

Here are four significant faults of taking a major to study in college that students must avoid: 

1. Do not follow your hasty decision

Because whatever decision you make, if you make a hasty decision, it can often be a bad decision that will make you upset. Therefore, before deciding which subject to study at university, you must first research the subject. You can visit the Sala.co website for information on university subjects to read career and subject-related advice.

2. Do not follow your peers’ introduction  

If you are a person who likes to do what your friends do, you have no clear purpose for your life, then one day you will lose yourself and do not know what to do next. Likewise, if you decide to take a university course that does not suit your interests because you choose to study with your peers, certainly, one day you will not like the subject. You are studying. In particular, you will lose strength and not want to move on.

3. Do not follow other people’s journey

The fact is, the path to success does not necessarily mean that we follow their old ways. Because the talents and knowledge of each person are not the same. Occasionally,​ it is because you get too much advice from others that it can make your decision wrong.

4. Do not learn because of parents’ desire

Because your parents' wishes are not necessarily your desires or goals. Well, if they want you to learn a major that they think you can earn a lot of money after graduation, and when you choose that major to study to please them, they are likely bored with the subject and want to change skills, which is why they are wasting their time learning new skills.

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