How to Spend Money in a Day Correctly

How to Spend Money in a Day Correctly

Spending Money in a Day as a Student

June 2, 2022

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If you spend money restricted at least you will have the rest of it be saved and used for spending in another demand.  Here are some ways to follow in spending in a day for highschool or college students:

  • Morning 

You should eat breakfast and do not skip it since it is very important for your memory and it will boost your energy levels and concentration. Eating rice for breakfast is good for your health. Pork rice at school is not too expensive for students, but if you can eat it from home, it is better.

Additionally, If you want to have coffee in the morning, you should have your own coffee at home, that means you have significantly reduced the cost of drinking coffee outside.

If you eat breakfast, you will not be hungry for snacks such as sandwiches, hamburgers, meatballs and others.

  • Daytime

During daytime, you should eat at home (if possible) because you don't have to spend money on lunch, which you have to spend at least 10,000 riel. And in the afternoon, you just spend money on a cup of coffee to refill energy for work and study throughout the day effectively.

  • Evening

It is a time you should be careful about spending, because the evening can be when you take a break from work and study, you will definitely want to relax by the river or in the park, especially to drink some beer or cocktail at the bar with your friends and so on. If you can avoid it, your daily expenses will vary from most to least.

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