Preparation before BacII National Examinations

Preparation before BacII National Examinations

BacII Preparation

August 1, 2022

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Khemarak Leakna

The Baccalaureate exam is approaching and most of the students have been preparing for the exam since the start of the year, but there are still some who are not ready and are indulging in time. But do not despair! There are about 3 months left that you can study hard and be able to prepare for this exam successfully.

We all know that preparation is very important if you are not ready to study hard from the beginning of the year until the exam day; thus, when the exam is approaching, you will be worried about the exam due to not working hard to study the subjects that will be examed. However, please do not worry or be too scared, let's get enough rest, and apply the following 8 tips to prepare for the exam with confidence.


What are the tips?

Here are 8 tips for all 12th graders to apply regularly before exam day:

1. Set up a proper study schedule and stick to your schedule

This means that when setting the study schedule for the subjects that are important for the exam, please study according to what you have selected, especially not to procrastinate or you can postpone (if necessary). That is, to have self-discipline.

2. Focus on learning in class

Listen to your teacher explain the lessons and exercises, because after they explain, you are the one who practices and memorizes the lessons. If in doubt about any lessons or exercises, do not hesitate to ask your teacher or friend.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to study

After studying in class, only study hard to understand yourself which let you understand the lesson clearly. This means that in your free time, you need to spend time doing homework and memorizing the subjects that will be tested because giving yourself time to study is more important than studying in class.

4. Create self-study groups together, do exercises or review lessons, and exchange knowledge with each other

If you do these activities, you will notice that your study has changed and progressed significantly.

5. Reduce mobile phone usage

Try to cut down on games or social media, such as Facebook or TikTok. You have to decide for yourself that you have to study hard because it is almost time for the exam. You can wait until the exam end then play it again. But if you only think about playing it, you will forget about studying and, you will fail the exam.

6. Take care of your health, whether before or during the exam

Health is very important because if you are not healthy, your education is not good either. Therefore, you should get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

7. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, give yourself some time to relax.

After a lot of study throughout the week, you must be stressed and tired and want to relax your brain. Go and do whatever you like to charge yourself for the next week. But do not allow yourself to spend hours doing useless and complicating things.

8. Avoid wasting time with a group of friends who do not care about learning

Take a look at the time you spend with your friends and think about the following five questions:

  • What activities do they bring you?
  • Where do they take you?
  • What do they make you read and what exercises do you do?
  • How do they affect you?
  • Is being with them good for you?

The bottom line is no one is innocent, the key is to wake up and change. And there is no such thing as being too late for everyone, the important thing is to start and not give up. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


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