Soft Skills To Have Before Entering University

Soft Skills To Have Before Entering University

What Soft Skills Should I Have Before Entering University?

August 19, 2022

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Savuth Run

If we count the day of BacII, It is getting really close now. As grade 12 students, have you been well prepared? Have you thought about it or not? 

But before entering the university, students should have these soft skills to be the foundation for successful study.

What are those soft skills? Here are those soft skills:

First: You ought to be familiar with Microsoft literate, At least, be able to use PowerPoint to make slides and type in both Khmer and English.

Second: English is the second language after our Khmer language since some subjects at the university are taught in both national and international languages(English). Available sources may also be in English, so at this point, students require to have basic English language.

Third: You should know about the research method: Usually, professors train students to do more research on their own so that they can get all the information and can analyze other perspectives, rather than just one source or document. As a result, you should be aware of where the articles on a website that contain accurate and trustworthy information come from.

Fourth: You should know how to work in a team: In addition to self-research, there is also group research work, so it requires us to be fully prepared to be in a difficult situation to know how to cooperate and plan. 

Fifth: Public Speaking: In the classroom requires students to express ideas on research topics as well as lesson assignments that we had studied. For successful outcomes, spoken interpretation is essential.

Sixth: You should have leadership skills: Leadership in this point refers to performance as a leader in the team. As a team leader who can lead a research team to work well, it requires clarity in setting goals, time management, and high responsibility.

Here are the reasons why you should have the skills mentioned above:

1. Easily find information on scholarships, jobs, and events

2. Scholarship opportunities

3. Easy to find a part-time job

4. Easy to do the work assigned by the professor

5. Able to work in a team.

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