Courses for Medical Career

September 15, 2022

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Savuth Run

Doctors have different skills for those who want to become. As doctors, they have to study for 6 years to get a bachelor's degree in medical science and another 2 years to become general practitioners, but if they continue to specialize (heart, surgery, obstetrics), they have to study for 4 years. Upon graduation, they will become General practitioners or Specialists.

What is a doctor?

As a doctor, your patient’s health and very often, their life, is in your hands. It needs enormous strength to be able to tackle highly stressful situations and may have to make life-saving decisions within a second. The doctors are responsible for their patients, whether things go right or wrong. Thus, choosing the ideal medical school and well-preparedness for medical school is very important. 

To enter medical school, do you have to take a national exam?

In Cambodia, students must take national exams to get into medical school. But some universities offer specialized courses to reach doctors.

What are the subjects required for the national exam to attend medical school?

There are only two subjects such as:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry

What are the foundation courses for doctors?


When a medical career is your desired future​ career, a degree in biology is a fantastic course to start since biology is one of the most essential majors for those who want to pursue a medical career, especially doctors. Additionally, biology courses cover a range of living organisms from cells to human beings which will assist students in understanding more to become doctors. 


Many medical students pick biochemistry as their undergraduate major and it gives so many benefits from this major. Whatever type of doctor they would like to be, they can take a biochemistry course to prepare for their future studies.

Human Physiology

This course begins with an introduction to the human body and an overview of what students will learn. Thus, human physiology is another significant degree program. Unlike biology courses, human physiology zooms in on the human body and the way it works. Taking this program is the correct way to prepare for a medical career.

Which subjects are in the course for doctors in the foundation year?

Most medical school programs require the following prerequisite subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Public Health
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Sciences
  • Demography
  • Embryology
  • Infections disease agents
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