7 Qualities of Great Leaders

July 1, 2022

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“To become a leader you must first become a human being” - Confucius 

Leadership brings many types of images; for instance:

  • A political leader
  • An explorer 
  • An executer

What Is Leadership?

Before getting to the point, I will guide you to know the exact meaning of leadership. Leadership is the art of inspiring a group of people to act toward accomplishing a common goal.

Qualities of Good Leaders

Good leaders help themselves and others to do the right thing and to walk on the good path. They set direction, have a long vision, and create something new. While leaders set direction, they must also use their management skills to efficiently guide the people to the correct destination. Here are the seven following leadership qualities that make you a good leader:

1. Visionary

Jack Ma - “Leader should be visionary and have more foresight than an employee”. Visionary leaders work hard and keep themselves updated on the time and change.

2. Integrity

It means being honest, trustworthy, and reliable. Integrity traits are one of the top attributes of a great leader. “Integrity was ranked higher than other leadership qualities like fairness, decisiveness, and stability,” Forbes stated.

3. Innovative

Importantly, the innovative attribute is a style that involves applying innovation and creativity to manage people and projects. Innovative leaders can lead a company or an organization to achieve a goal by making new strategies and approaches to distribute their products and services.  

4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills are crucial for every leader since the talented in problem-solving can analyze, diagnose and solve problems effectively. If you are efficient at problem-solving, you can guide your team toward and reach the target without being frustrated or confused.

5. Self-confidence

It is critical for leadership since it gives the wing to fly high, take risks, and accomplish goals. Good leaders take full responsibility for their actions without passing on issues, ignoring, or procrastinating. 

6. Strong Communication

The most important key to great leadership is communication. Great leaders are always considered the first-class communicators, the way they communicate or talk to people, they choose words and expressions which suit the situation and allow others to express their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives. “The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions,” Confucius. 

7. Motivative

Motivation is the biggest key to keeping a team being more proactive and creative. Motivational leaders are self-motivated, committed, able to communicate, believe in themselves, and have a clear vision.


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